DropCapsule HD

DropCapsule HD is a water and debris resistant housing for Dropcam HD allowing you to place your Dropcam outside or in environments that could potentially damage your camera. An added bonus is the ability to add and change lens filters for the best video possible. As is the case with placing anything in front of the night vision LED’s there will be some degree of reflection dependent on the filter and amount of available light. In a very dark environment without external light available the night vision reflection is substantially reduced utilizing our IR blocking o-ring and simply adjusting your zoom to 1.3x. Includes Metal Step Up Ring and glass UV Filter. Please follow all recommended temperature ranges for Dropcam. DropCapsule is not waterproof and will not protect your Dropcam if submerged in anything other than air. DropCapsule is water and rain resistant with the added benefit of offering some impact protection. For added protection clear silicone or plumbers putty is recommended around your Dropcam power cord. The DropCapsule PRO is now available as well. It will fit your Dropcam PRO. If you have a Dropcam with the gray mount the DropCapsule HD is the correct choice. If your mount is black the DropCapsule Pro is what you will want to order. DropCapsule Pro and DropCapsule HD are proudly made in the USA and ship USPS 2 Day Priority.