Keep your wheel with your bike, AND YOUR JUNK IN THE TRUNK! The VacuRack WheelHouse is made of CNC machined 6061 Aluminum to keep weight AT A MINIMUM while offering a rigid wheel mount. The VacuRack WheelHouse holds your wheel securely WHEN YOU NEED IT AND stays out of your way when you DON’T. The WheelHouse Mounts UNDER OR in place of your water bottle cage on either side of your bike ALLOWING IT TO WORK great from any position on your rack. Includes (1) VacuRack WheelHouse, (2) 14MM M5 SOCKET HEAD CAP SCREWS AND Velcro stabilization/anti-spin strap. MOUNT YOUR VACURACK WHEELHOUSE UNDER OR IN PLACE OF YOUR WATER BOTTLE CAGE USING THE CAGE BOLTS. BE CAREFUL NOT TO EXCEED BICYCLE MANUFACTURER’S RECOMMENDED TORQUE LIMITS. THE NUT SIDE OF YOUR QUICK RELEASE SKEWER ROD DROPS DOWN INTO THE WHEELHOUSE SLOT AND THE NUT IS TIGHTENED UNTIL THE QUICK RELEASE LEVER IS TIGHT WHEN CLOSED. THE INCLUDED VELCRO STRAP SHOULD BE USED TO SECURE THE WHEEL TO THE TOP TUBE OR UNDER SEAT TO ELIMINATE SPIN AND FOR ADDED STABILIZATION.